Parliamentary Support to High-level Panel to Assess key legislation and the Acceleration of Change and Transformation


The Speaker of the National Assembly and the Speakers Forum (nine provincial speakers) have established a Parliamentary High Level Panel which is going to investigate the impact of key legislations related to socio economic development since 1994. This initiative is directly linked to one of the strategic priorities of the 5th Parliament which commits the institution to undertake an assessment on the impact of legislation and it should serve to strengthen legislative capacity. The mandate of the Panel is to investigate the impact of legislation on the following four areas:

·       The Triple Challenges of Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality;

·       The Creation of and equitable distribution of Wealth;

·       Land reform, restitution, redistribution and security of tenure;

·       Nation building and social cohesion


The UNDP was requested to partner with Parliament to support this initiative, for a period of 12 months (January to December 2016), and in this regard will provide financial, technical and research support to the work of the Panel.


Support to Parliament’s High-Level Panel to review SA legislation since 1994 and the extent to which this enables the achievement of the goals of the National Development Plan. This project aims to promote citizen participation and accountability, and strengthen the legislative capacity of Parliament through conducting peer reviews, use of UNDP expertise and networks to support the panel, and dissemination of the knowledge generated for the use of both the Parliament and the regional and global community. 

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