Partnership with the Centre for Public Service Innovation

Brief Description

The project seeks to ensure that there is improved innovation within the South African public sector, and alignment with the National Development Plan. It seeks to ensure the lessons can be shared with other countries in the region as well. It is also aimed at ensuring that there is Increased and widely disseminated knowledge products within the public sector. Since 2015 UNDP has worked with the CPSI in supporting the latter’s efforts to mainstream, showcase, and replicate innovative service delivery models in both South Africa and the region. In 2014, UNDP launched the Innovation Facility. Since its launch, the Facility has enhanced community participation by developing responsive feedback mechanisms and pathways; strengthened national planning processes by developing national planning instruments; and encouraged inclusivity by establishing spaces to co-design solutions to social problems, and the African innovation Facility has been launched. UNDP South Africa Programme of Support 2013-2017 is aligned to the initiatives above because it focusses on Strengthening Public Sector Delivery by enhancing capacities of institutions as part of the overall re-positioning of the public sector.

The CPSI was established to identify, support and nurture innovation in the public service, with a view to improve service delivery, and provide the public sector  with independent, diverse and forward-looking research and advice on innovative service delivery with a specific focus on government’s priorities. The CPSI also seeks to celebrate the successes of individuals, teams and departments in the quest for a more effective, efficient and accountable government. CPSI has also established partnership with the United Nations Department of Economic & Social Affairs (UNDESA), and serves as the  Online Regional Centre for Southern Africa for the United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN), and participate in the United Nations Experts Group on the replication of innovations.

Project Rationale

To mainstream and build the capacity for innovation in the SA public sector and the region as whole, through supporting and working with the CPSI on catalytic national sector specific and regional innovation and knowledge platforms. The purpose of this project is also to align innovation to the implementation of the National Development Plan.

Overall Budget: $35,000.00

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