Support to the Electoral Commission of South Africa for the period 2015-2019


UNDP in partnership with the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has developed a 5 - year support programme for the UN to support the Electoral Commission in five key areas. The Support to the Electoral Commission of South Africa (SECSA) Programme in South Africa aims at consolidating and building further on the growth made from the democratic transition process in South Africa since its first democratic election in 1994. The key indicators of the programme is the Development of a comprehensive strategy for outreach to, as well as accreditation and building sustained capacity of domestic observers; Mainstreaming of gender issues and women participation into electoral democracy; Percentage increase of 18-29 years voters/first-time voters (municipal elections 2016 provincial and national elections 2019), disaggregated by sex; Design of the Commission research and knowledge management programme, including a yearly action plan; Expanded and increased role of the Commission in the regional and internationally in supporting other elections efforts and democracy deepening including but not limited to, number of foreign EMB officials that visit the Commission as part of foreign visiting electoral management bodies delegations, and sharing of knowledge; Support rendered to other regional and other international elections in ensuring free and fair elections are successfully conducted;  Number of civic education materials produced by the Commission, and the extent of involvement and active participation of youth and marginalised communities in elections.


The objective of this project is to expand the institutional capacity of the IEC to continue to manage and coordinate national electoral processes, and contribute to regional electoral processes. The project will specifically focus on providing high-level technical support to the IEC on voter and civic education and observers programme accreditation (particularly for the upcoming local government elections), building the capacity of the electoral research unit and regional hub on electoral capacity building and knowledge exchange, and facilitate South-South cooperation via an expansion of the IEC’s international role.

Overall Budget: $6,484 200.00

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