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The overall objective of this programme was to provide strategic support to government policies, processes and programmes on the transformational agenda for the achievement of gender equality and an equitable South African society (Gender equitable transformation). The key activities under this programme were centred arounds trengthening women’s empowerment and addressing gender based violence

The Country Office programme uses the MDGs as a framework for leadership development and engaging men and boys in attaining gender equality, while capitalising on partnerships in order to support economic empowerment initiatives. Some of the significant projects undertaken include enterprise development for women Small Medium Enterprise (SME) owners, research on inclusive finance, enhancing economic opportunities for rural women in the Green Economy.

The Country Office supported women owned SMEs and enterprise development though the development of a comprehensive online portal for women SME business owners. This builds on the work of the e-skills Institute, in collaboration with the National Department of Communications. Also, as indicated above, support was given to research incorporating financing for women owned SMEs: the study entitled “Inclusive Finance: Exploring the Finance Pipeline for Women Owned SMEs” was conducted.

Another study that was part of the Gender Equality and the Green Economy initiative was supported by outr office.  It drew from better South-South practices and lessons from the Grameen Shakti in Bangladesh and Barefoot College models to inform efficient, sustainable, and innovative strategies to promote employment for rural women.  This has also informed the process to develop programming for Enhancing Economic Opportunities for Rural Women in the Green Economy. In addition, the office committed to developing and supporting courses on business, economic opportunities and climate change and the implications for women and youth. Other overlapping interventions in this programme are captured under the theme “Climate Change and Greening the Economy”.

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