Content partnership with Mashable for 2015: Time for Global Action

May 5, 2015

Over the weekend, Mashable posted an article about the Sustainable Development Goals.
This is the first of many anticipated articles that we will provide content for in the months ahead. As many of you know, Mashable is one of our partners for the Social Good Summit. Mashable averages around 37 million hits per month. In the lead up to the Social Good Summit, they have agreed to post at least two articles related to each monthly theme of the2015: Time for Global Action: UNDP for People and Planet campaign.
•             May – Sustainable energy
•             June – Environment
•             July – Partnerships
•             August – Youth
•             September – Focus on Summit
•             October – Cities
•             November – Sanitation
•             December – Climate change
If you have any particular great stories or content related to the monthly themes, please send your ideas to Simon van Woerden and me for consideration.

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