The OR Tambo Debate Series is a series of public debates between stakeholders

Jun 24, 2015

The OR Tambo Debate Series is a series of public debates between stakeholders – business, government, civil society, unions and citizens – focusing on the implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP).

The National Planning Commission (NPC) was appointed by the President of South Africa in May 2010 to draft a vision and national development plan. As part of the process, the Commission released a Diagnostic Report on the shortcomings and achievements of the country since 1994. This report was welcomed as a constructive assessment and led to the development of the draft national plan in November 2011. The Commission consulted widely on this plan leading to broad support for the long-term vision. The revised Plan and Vision 2030 was adopted by Cabinet in October 2012.

Despite broad support for the plan, there remains ideological dispute on core issues such as the economic drivers and development approach. Many stakeholders are unable to move beyond their ideological positions to look forward to implementation. As a result, the contents remain contested for reasons of it being poorly conceived, or not constituting required coherent policies. If the NDP is to become a reality, extensive debate on unfolding implementation efforts is required to operationalise the vision to contextual realities and ensure that all social stakeholders are mobilised to achieve outcomes.

Given this challenge, the purpose of the OR Tambo debate series, which focuses on implementing the NDP, is to consider the interaction between the vision as stated and its institutionalised operation. Such dialogue will help to shift entrenched positions, break frames and enable new perspectives and implementation solutions to emerge.


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