New project preparation on access and benefit sharing

Mar 24, 2017

UNDP and Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) came together over two days to prepare a full-size grant proposal for “Development of Value Chains for Products derived from Genetic Resources in Compliance with the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-Sharing and the National Biodiversity Economy Strategy”. The project design workshop was held at Environment House, Department of Environmental Affairs, from 16 to 17 February 2017. In attendance were DEA officials, including the Chief Director for Biodiversity Specialist Monitoring and Services Ms. Wadzi Mandivenyi, the UNDP-Global Environmental Finance based in Addis Ababa, Dr Phemo Kgomotso, UNDP Country Office staff and a team of international and national technical experts.

According to the UNDP Programme Manager for Environment, Janice Golding, the project will go a long away to support the government of South Africa in achieving its vision.

“This project will support the Government of South Africa to achieve the vision of optimising the economic benefits of nature industries; and ensuring that communities and companies working with biological resources not only increase their understanding of the Nagoya Protocol, but also apply its requirements on access and benefit sharing in the development of value chains.” She said.

There is a total of eight species that will take centre stage during the implementation of the project and the strategic project focus will be on the following three main areas; indigenous flora associated with traditional medicinal use, improving the conservations of flora in the wild, and building collaborative partnerships for sustainable commercialisation.

This project will contribute directly to South Africa’s National Outcomes (Operation Phakisa) and National Biodiversity Economy Strategy.

The next stage in the project design will be a stakeholder meeting where a draft project document will be tabled. Watch the space.

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