UNPAN Workshop Theme: Positioning SADC UNPAN by Aligning SDGs and AU Agenda 2063 with Innovation as an Anchor

Jun 8, 2016

Ms Dancilla Mukarubayiza, UNDP Deputy Country Director making a speech on behalf of the UNDP Resident Representative, Mr. Gana Fofang

Programme Director, Mr. Pierre Schoonraad,

Ms. Thuli Radebe, Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Public Service Innovation of South Africa, and other CPSI colleagues,

The High Commissioner of Singapore, H.E Chua Thai Keong

Mr. Ashis Hoolas, Permanent Secretary of Mauritius,   

Commissioner Selina Nkosi of the Public Service Commission,

Statistician General Mr. Pali Lehohla ,

Distinguished delegates and government Representatives from the SADC region,

UNDP colleagues,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to South Africa.

It is a great pleasure for me to be here on behalf of the UNDP South Africa Country Office. We are grateful for the invitation to yet again participate in this important workshop on which UNDP is honored to partner with the CPSI.  

UNDP’s interest in supporting this event is to promote South-South learning on innovative public administration practices. South-South cooperation is one of our priorities as expressed the Country Programme Document (CPD) for South Africa. In all our programme priorities, which include governance and public service delivery, inclusive growth, energy and environment, South-South Cooperation is an important component.

Our partnership with the CPSI is bearing some very fruitful results.  We partnered together last year in June to convene this very same regional workshop, and in December last year together with our Regional Services Centre and the Global Centre for Public Service Excellence (GCPSE), we hosted the 2 day Regional Foresight Exchange workshop for Development in Africa.  The workshop was primarily focused on introducing the concepts of Strategic Foresight, and how it can be applied at different stages in strategic planning, policy development, and innovation processes. Forty three officials from several African countries that want to learn and embark on a foresight journey attended this workshop.

UNDP works together with the CPSI to mainstream and build the capacity for innovation in the SA public sector and the region as whole. The purpose of this partnership is also to align innovation to the implementation of the National Development Plan.

The areas that we have agreed to work together include:

•      Support the hosting of the annual UNPAN Regional Capacity Development Workshop,

•      Undertake the Foresighting adaptation exercises together with the Global Centre for Public Service Excellence, South African Department for Performance Monitoring and Evaluation, our Regional Services Centre, and possibly other countries in the region ,

•      Annual Public sector innovation conference to showcase innovation good practices in the South African public service,

•      Conduct baseline study on public sector innovation funding with a view to reviewing all existing legislation and rules that militate against funding unsolicited innovation ideas and projects,

•      Health Sector workshops in selected provinces in South Africa, with a view to replicating innovations that we come across.

Ladies and gentlemen, the UNDP has long experience in supporting more than 130 countries across all regions of the world to implement public service reforms as part of its good governance agenda. To help process, synthesize and disseminate the knowledge generated from these various country level experiences in public service and administration, and in partnership with the Government of Singapore, UNDP established the Global Centre for Public Service Excellence. working through your UNDP country offices, and our Regional Services Centre in Addis, we urge you to make use of the services and expertise that this Centre can provide.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

UNDP turned 50 years this year. Early in 1966, United Nations leaders fighting poverty came together to form UNDP.

Since that time, we have played a transformational role in reducing poverty, empowering women, creating jobs, protecting the environment, and lots more in the nearly 170 countries where we work.

At UNDP, we are committed to finish the job we started 50 years ago, and end poverty once and for all. We imagine a world where all people prosper, societies are more inclusive, and the planet is protected from the worst effects of climate change. We want to leave no one behind.

This is the agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals, also known as Agenda 2030, which will guide our work for the next 15 years. Agenda 2030 is the most ambitious effort on development in world history. UNDP is prepared to lead the way to achieve this global agenda.

We seek to connect and integrate diverse efforts internationally, such as on health, governance, energy, work and climate—so that we are advancing development on all fronts.

We want to identify points where we can accelerate our progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. The final result should be a more prosperous, fair, and inclusive world for all.

In October 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted the Sustainable Development Goals. Accordingly, as the theme of this workshop bears testimony, all our efforts to improve public administration practices must be in line with the new SDGs which are much more ambitious than the previous MDG goals. The SDGs have a much wider scope, going beyond the mostly ‘social’ goals of the MDGs, and incorporate economic and environmental sustainability, as well as people’s aspiration to live in peaceful, just and inclusive societies.

Achieving the SDGs will require innovative methods of development. It will also require all of us to work in creative partnerships with people and organizations that may not have been traditionally seen as development partners.

Let me also mention that UNDP is in a unique position to support the region to monitor, learn and apply lessons learnt in the implementation of the SDGs, and will work with a broad range of partners and governments. We hope and urge you to make the best use of the UNPAN portal that the UN has made available.

We look forward to a workshop of very informative, insightful, robust discussions and learning. 

Thank you!


UNDP Resident Representative  

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