Service Delivery and Democratic Governance

  • UNDP is supporting the Limpopo Provincial Government to improve the health care services in the province. The health sector in the province has been affected by a chronic deficit of health professionals, as a result of brain drain, due to the remoteness of the region as well as the lack of more attractive incentives that can be found in other regions of the country, and abroad.

  • The Speaker of the National Assembly and the Speakers Forum (nine provincial speakers) has established a Parliamentary High Level Panel which is going to investigate the impact of key legislations related to socio economic development since 1994. This initiative is directly linked to one of the strategic priorities of the 5th Parliament which commits the institution to undertake an assessment on the impact of legislation and it should serve to strengthen legislative capacity.

  • UNDP in partnership with the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has developed a 5 - year support programme for the UN to support the Electoral Commission in five key areas. The Support to the Electoral Commission of South Africa (SECSA) Programme in South Africa aims at consolidating and building further on the growth made from the democratic transition process in South Africa since its first democratic election in 1994

  • The KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Public Service Training Academy (Academy) is an institutional mechanism aimed at ensuring a co-ordinated and structured approach to human resource development in the Province. It is a dedicated unit in the Office of the Premier, whose exclusive function is to facilitate, coordinate and integrate human resource development in the Province and the Provincial Administration. The Academy provides a specialized skills development, human resource development and training service to the officials of the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Administration.

  • The project seeks to ensure that there is improved innovation within the South African public sector, and alignment with the National Development Plan. It seeks to ensure the lessons can be shared with other countries in the region as well. It is also aimed at ensuring that there is Increased and widely disseminated knowledge products within the public sector. Since 2015 UNDP has worked with the CPSI in supporting the latter’s efforts to mainstream, showcase, and replicate innovative service delivery models in both South Africa and the region. In 2014, UNDP launched the Innovation Facility.

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