Supplier Development Programme

Brief Description

The project is designed to build capacity and capability of SMMEs to be suppliers of big companies

Project Rationale

High failure rate of small business in South Africa. It is estimated that 50-60% of newly established company fail in their first 18 months of their operations. Though the policy environment is pro-small businesses; and government have put in place programme to support small business, many SMMEs still struggle to be suppliers of the big companies that are dominating the value chain in the country. The Supplier Development Programme is designed to build capacity and technical capability of small business to be qualified suppliers of big companies. The end-result is technology transfer and skills transfer from big companies to SMMEs. As these SMMEs increase their capacity and technical capability there are forced to employ and train new workers to meet the increasing demand from big buyers.

Progress to date

·        Diagnosed 40 SMMEs in Gauteng Province

·        Develop a website for SDP

·        Mobilised resources to build the website and train consultants

·        Train 18 SDP  Specialist

·        Project document designed

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