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Our work contributes to building a more capable public sector that can deliver higher quality services cost-effectively to the population, especially those historically disadvantaged and targeting youth and women, in particular. Specifically, our support will focus on effective developmental state for inclusive growth, and repositioning of the public service sector for improved service delivery.more

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In this area, we focus on three main areas of work, and they are: The expansion of leadership and management development programmes targeting senior public service staff at all levels (balanced between women and men) who are at the core of designing, planning, resourcing and tracking service delivery, to build cohesion on key policy and programmatic issues, sharpen management skills and embed behavioural norms that encourage greater transparency and accountability. more

Democratic Governance in South Africa

We have supported the Provincial Government of KwaZulu-Natal with an integrated M&E platform, as well as its capacity building efforts to help build a public service that can deliver better. Find more about the programme in the CPAP

Our Stories

Innovating together for the 2030 agenda
Foresighting workshop
Innovating together for the 2030 agenda

In 2015 the UNDP, in partnership with Centre for Public Sector Innovation (CPSI), initiated a conversation on foresighting as a tool to support long-term planning. With the support of the Global Centre for Public Service Excellence, workshops were held in various countries such as Lesotho, Ghana, Malawi, Cape Verde, Rwanda and South Africa.more 

 Repositioning the Public Sector for better service delivery – UNDP South Africa
Repositioning the Public Sector for better service delivery – UNDP South Africa

In South Africa, UNDP’s support on governance issues is mainly focused on the strengthening the public sector’s performances, as well as the enhancement of accountability, as this will eventually contribute to the democratic processes towards human developmentmore 

UNDP and Government host a Knowledge Management Workshop

Knowledge Management (KM) is a new phenomenon that is directly related to the recent emergence of the knowledge economy and technology advancement. It consists of the initiatives and systems that sustain and support the creation, storage, dissemination, assessment, application, refinementmore 

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