Climate Change & Greening South Africa’s Economy


The work of the Environment and Energy Unit is focused on supporting the Government of South Africa to realize its national priorities to green the economy focusing on two key outputs: firstly, promoting sustainable energy for all through technical advisory services on needed policies and climate-resilient development strategies, institutional strengthening, and enhancing access to renewable energy technologies; and secondly, enhancing biodiversity management through technical advisory services for policy and development strategies, protected area management and employment generation opportunities, with particular emphasis on women and youth. more

Our Support

South Africa has one of the largest Global Environment Facility (GEF) programme portfolios, with projects across both mitigation and adaptation approaches, including the establishment of new renewable energy generation capacity; energy efficiency in households, public buildings, public transport systems and the commercial sector; support for protected areas and creating employment opportunities under communal land; and strengthening the capacity of various productive sectors in mainstreaming biodiversity. UNDP South Africa is also supporting the implementation of the Small Grants programme (SGP) in the country, which is a programme of the Global Environment Facility that invests in the development of underprivileged communities impacted by the effects of environmental degradation and climate change mitigation.more

Climate Change & Greening South Africa’s Economy

The work of the Environment and Energy Unit is guided by the UN-South Africa Strategic Cooperation Framework (SCF 2013-17)more

Our Stories

Young people engage at WindAc Africa 2018
Young people at WindAc Africa 2018

The Department of Science and Technology and Department of Energy through SAWEP2 (South African Wind Energy Project) for sponsored 37 students from across SA Universities to participate in the third Wind Energy Conference – WINDAC AFRICA 2018. more 

Nombhela Gardens & Cultural Village Cooperative Agro Ecology Project
Nombhela Gardens & Cultural Village Cooperative Agro Ecology Project

The project that seeks to develop a viable agro ecology community initiative that may inform long term programming for the Vhembe Biosphere Reserve (VBR). more 

 Producing 'Miracles' from waste : Cow dung power a real gas
Producing 'Miracles' from waste : Cow dung power a real gas

Roughly 100km from Durban’s city centre, far removed from the tireless debate and gnashing of teeth that will be the UN climate talks, beneath her tin roof a mother of a household of nine in rural Willowforntein need no arm twisting to remain committed to reducing emissionmore 

Sustainable use and greening in one : Seeing forest for the trees

An amount of $50 000 (R417 000) has been provisionally approved for a project aimed at the conservation and restoration of the Dukuduku forest between Mtubatuba and St Lucia.more 

Joyce Mmbengeni showing off different local crop varieties that she grows. Pic: Mupo Foundation
Limpopo women preserve, revive cultural diversity, food sovereignty in South Africa

Limpopo is well known for its rich indigenous culture and environment. However, due to modernization, industrialization and population growth, most of the indigenous plants and fresh waters are being lost and heavily polluted, respectively.more 

Ndumo Community Project receives a huge cash injection

The Advancement and Partnerships Office has recently secured R500 500 from the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). more 

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