Overcoming South Africa's challenges together

Which Developmental Challenges hold the key to South Africa’s Future?

We want to hear from you! Which key challenges should the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) address in order to shift the needle towards greater prosperity for South Africa? Help us craft the UNDP’s developmental agenda in South Africa, alongside the National Development Plan. South Africans are being confronted with increasing challenges daily. Youth remain unemployed despite government interventions. Farmers struggle to sustain their crops as dam supplies dwindle. Power outages, the ailing economy, and the list continues. UNDP South Africa, and its new Accelerator Lab wants citizens to inform its developmental agenda! Let your voice, and that of your community carve the way forward by commenting on our social media posts (links below) or send us an email at Acceleratorlabs.za@undp.org. Let us know which challenges the UNDP should prioritise and why and share your ideas on how to address them. Get others involved by sharing this article and our social media posts. 

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